The Sunday Letter, 16 December 2018

The Recommended Reading Edition

Hello lovely one

Today I have something super special for you.

You know how the internet is full of crazy-awesome things, but it’s hard to find them? Well, given it’s roughly a week before Christmas, I’ve decided to gift you a set of recommendations.

There aren’t many serial publications that I read religiously, but there are a few! There is also a fistful of bloggers of whom I am a Raging Fan. Today you get a glimpse. If you want more of my personal recommendations (as opposed to the business-y ones that are here), leave a comment or reply, and I’ll issue a sneaky one for all you paying subscribers.

Oh and I should point out that there are no affiliate links in this Sunday Letter. Just loads and loads of things that us Pixies love. :)

~ Leticia Mooney, 
Queen Pixie at Brutal Pixie

Tip of the week

If you’re not used to working with a content professional, there’s a strong chance that they will write in a way with which you disagree. If you don’t like it, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong. In fact, it might actually mean that they’re right.

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The Sunday Five

Instead of five articles, here are five killer sources. Read about ‘em, visit ‘em, subscribe to ‘em. If you have any that YOU love, reply and let us know!

[ Email ] Intelligent Tuesday

The Intelligent Tuesday is the email I look forward to the most out of the many hundreds that I get every week. It’s short and valuable - with about two absolute gems, which are always related to productivity, motivation, business, or professional development. Plus, it gives you positive news about the world. It’s just damned excellent and I recommend it to every business owner and founder that I meet. Learn more and subscribe at

[ Email ] Email Players

Even though Ben Settle sends an obscene amount of email - multiple emails a day, every single day - loads of them are great value. If you haven’t heard of Ben Settle, he is one of the world’s best copywriters. So if you even have a vague interest in being a gun email marketer (or even just effective at email), you should sign up. Be aware that he is enormously opinionated and quite American about it. But, hey, you might not mind. Get it at

[ Blog ] Saastr

There are a number of VC bloggers that I follow, but Jason Lemkin is among the best of them, because of his consistency, volume, and blend of personal with business. Plus I always learn something new from Lemkin, which is my yardstick for a great source, especially when it is related to business! Check him out at

[ Blog ] Real Lawyers Have Blogs

Yep it’s a blawg, and it’s one of the world’s best. Real Lawyers Have Blogs has been around for about 15 years, and it provides outstanding commentary on blogs and similar channels as essential law publishing media. Plus, Kevin’s opinions are always bang-on. Check it out at

[ Email ] Mumbrella’s Best of the Week

One of my absolute favourites in the media, marketing and entertainment industry in Australia is Tim Burrowes’s Best of the week. Mumbrella is an incredible resource, and if you’re interested in marketing, media, publicity and impact, and you’re not on his list, then I am here to grab you by the hand and fix that. Tim’s emails provide commentary and insight, often into pieces published by Mumbrella. It’s outstanding, and always great value. You can subscribe at

There are more…

Oh, so many more. But these five are a great start. :) Have a fabulous week this week! And if you’re keen to read about the inside scoop of what goes on at Brutal Pixie from week to week, go register at The Next Five Years, which is the Pixie Open Business Project through until 2023.